AOL Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird

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Access AOL Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird

You can read your AOL email on the web wherever you are and when you are idle. But what if you want to read your AOL email in more powerful applications like Mozilla Thunderbird? Installation is easy and all your emails and folders will appear.

To set up AOL email account in Mozilla Thunderbird Follow the steps

AOL Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Select Tools> Account Settings. (Windows, Mac) or Edit> Account Settings (Linux) from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird.

If you can not see the menu, press Alt key.

  • Click Account Activity.
  • Select Add Mail Account.That comes from the menu.
  • Type your name under Your Name:
  • After that Put your full AOL email address (including ““) under Email Address:.
  • Enter your AOL email password in Password Field:
  • Click to Continue button.
  • Make sure that IMAP (remote folders) is selected.
    To download a new mail from Mozilla Thunderbird AOL, select POP3 (Keep Mail on your computer), but do not synchronize folders and tasks.
  • Note that, with POP3, Mozilla Thunderbird will be set up to remove messages downloaded from AOL after two weeks or after being removed locally; After the next step, you can change these options under the server settings of your accounts.Next Steps
  • Click Done.
  • Click OK.

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