Access AOL Mail on Outlook

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Access AOL Mail on

If you have AOL as your email provider, then you are not limited to the AOL customer or website. You can set up to Access and download your email from AOL. You can answer the messages or send messages from, but using your AOL email address and identity.

Accessing AOL Mail Through

To download incoming messages, follow these steps to add your AOL email account to your for access aol mail on email service:

  • Go to Your Outlook program window.
  • Click the settings gear icon (⚙) at
  • Click on Connected accounts.
  • Go to Under Add a connected account option, than click Other email accounts.
  • A new Popup Window will opens related Connect your email account.Enter your AOL email address and your AOL password
  • Select the radio button for your choice, either create a new folder where all your AOL messages will be routed or your AOL messages will be placed in the existing folder.
  • Submit You Change Click OK.

If all these steps are successful completed , you will find a email message that your aol account is now connected to and your AOL Inbox emails are being imported.

Your AOL email address will show the management of your connected accounts. You will also see the status of email import and the time of last update. If you need to edit any details for your AOL account, click the pencil icon to open the details page and update the information like your AOL account password.

Access AOL Mail on Outlook

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