How to Fix AOL Error 205

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How to fix AOL error 205 ?

The 205 error usually is a result of web setting issues. When this problem occurs, users have problems in sending and receiving email. However, downloading AOL desktop software can also cause problems. So come to our technical team in AOL Customer Support Number and correct AOL Error 205. Follow the guidelines explained by our expert team which are explained in easy steps.

Steps to fix AOL error 205 :How to Fix AOL Error 205

Step 1: Reset Web setting

Reset your web settings if you have installed another browser after installation of IE because settings can be change
Reset your IE settings to default mode
Reset your homepage, search page and default browser without changing settings

Step 2: This is the second step which May be Optional

  • Downloading AOL software is the first thing
  • Tap on the “Run” icon and click Continue if you are working on Windows 7
  • Select the “Upgrade existing version” option as suggested by the AOL customer service team and click on the “First edition of AOL Desktop Software” icon from the drop-down menu list available
  • Select the “Install new version” icon. Once done, you are recommended to choose the “Upgrade existing version” option, which will copy the address book settings from the previous AOL version along with your existing mail.
  • Tap on the “Continue” icon
  • Anyone can choose AOL desktop settings of their choice and tap the “Continue” icon
    Now, when selecting the location, review the selected settings and click on the “Install Now” icon.

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