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How to Update AOL Mail Recovery Setting

Following these instructions help you how to change/update AOL Mail Recovery Setting such as email and phone number. For better tips support help,be sure to tell us what kind of issue you are trying to take help with AOL about.Contact our customer service number +1800-608-2315 for all help and technical issues in aol mail help.

Update AOL Mail phone Number :

If You all ready added your phone number and want to update.

  • Login your AOL account using Username and Password.
  • Click On Your Profile icon.
  • Click Account Security option.
  • Click right side “Add recovery phone number“.
  • Choose your country code from the drop-down Menu list.

Note : By Default country code +1 (United State).

  • Fill your phone number in the Mobile Number field.
  • Click Send SMS Or Click on Call me Option to verification your phone number.
  • After verification option choosing you get verification code .
  • Fill your verification code in the field that provided You.
  • Click on Verify.

Few second later your recover aol mail phone number has changed.

Update AOL mail Recovery Email ID :

  1. Login your AOL account using Username and Password.
  2. Click On Your Profile Icon.
  3. Click Account Security option.
  4. Click on Email ID.
  5. Click add a “recovery email Address”.
  6. First verify your Email id.
  7. Fill the Please enter your email address field.(recovery email address).
  8. Click on Send Verification email .
  9. Verification email send on your recovery email id and Verify this email .You email address verify.
  10. Your recovery Email added to your account.

your recovery setting phone number and email address has updated .

Update AOL Mail Recovery Setting

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