Troubleshooting Of AOL Mail Password Reset

How to Troubleshooting AOL Mail Password Reset

There is no one without being terrified of cyber-attacks, email spamming and hacking. Aol mail Password Reset But there are some things that the users can to prevent their accounts from these types of cyber-attacks. One of the thing that you can do is by resetting the email password frequently. The AOL mail password reset is a quite very easy task. It is very important to change the email password regularly to ensure your safety. Since a lot of hacking and spying is going on, the need to reset the password regularly has become the top priority.

The following steps help you to reset your password using a verification process.

  1. First, open the AOL mail Official Website that you use to log in to the email.
  2. In this web page, enter your email address and click Next button.
  3. Now press Forgot password? Button.
  4. In the upcoming web page, enter in your username and click Next.
  5. Here is where you should enter the mobile phone number that you used to register when the AOL mail was first created.
  6. AOL mail password resetProceed by clicking on Next.
  7. As a part of the verification process, AOL will send a code to the mobile number entered.
  8. After receiving the code, enter it into the Enter Code box and Click Next.
  9. Enter a new password and click on Save button.

You can also try resetting the password using another option by receiving a reset email to your recovery email address to reset your password.

  1. Do the same steps by entering the email address and so on.
  2. After pressing Forgot password? Click on Try another verification option.
  3. Now click on ‘Email a reset link to my recovery email addresses and tap Next.
  4. This will send an automated rest email to the email address specified during registration as the recovery email address.
  5. Now Click Close.
  6. Sign into your alternative email account and look for the AOL Mail Password Reset from AOL Account.
  7. Open the rest link given in the mail.
  8. Enter a new password in the opened page and click on Save.

How to protect your password and make it more secure?

Protecting the password is very important. An email address can be associated with the social media applications, used for location services, availing taxi services, booking tickets and so on. In some of these processes the money and bank details will be included, and therefore it is very important to secure the password, not only for the sake of money but also for securing the personal valuable data.

The following tips will help you to protect your password and make it more secure.Reset AOL Mail Password of AOL Account.

  1. Keep in mind not to share your password with anyone, not even your spouse or parent. They might not misuse it but it is safe not to tell anyone the password.
  2. Never log in to your account from public or a shared device. If you have to log in, then remember not to select Do not save password or Never button.
  3. Review the privacy settings of your account once every month.
  4. Reset the password once every three months.
  5. Never use your name, date of birth, pet’s name, family member’s name as a password.
  6. Using Symbols, Numbers, Underscores, and Lowercase and Uppercase alphabets on your password will make it more secure.
  7. Assign very difficult security questions and answers, which are only known to you.
  8. Remember the password and make sure not to write it down in any paper or notebook.
  9. If you get any emails stating ‘someone has tried to log in to your account’ then go to SettingsPassword & Security screen.
  10. Under logged in Sessions you will find the list of devices you have logged in, enter your password to unlock them.
  11. Select them all and click on “Logout” Button.
  12. Turn on two-step verification feature on your AOL.

Therefore take these points into your day to day life and use them to make your time spent on the Internet more secure and safe.